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Lily Mariye



MODEL MINORITY - feature - Writer/Director/Producer

Sacramento International Film Festival 2013

  • Best Drama

London Independent Film Festival 2013

  • Best Micro-Budget Film
  • Best Female Director

Asians on Film Festival 2013

  • Best Director
  • Best Drama

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, 2012

  • Special Jury Award, Outstanding Director: Lily Mariye
  • Breakthrough Performance by a New Actress: Nichole Bloom
  • Outstanding Cinematography: John Matysiak
  • Grand Jury Award Finalist, Best Narrative Feature

Las Vegas Film Festival, 2012

  • Best Film by a Nevada Filmmaker, Golden Ace Award: Lily Mariye

Asian American International Film Festival,
New York, 2012

  • Audience Award, Best Film

D.C. Asian Pacific American Film Festival, 2012

  • George C. Lin Emerging Filmmaker Award: Lily Mariye

Official Selection:

  • Hawaii International Film Festival
  • Vancouver Asian Film Festival
  • Boston Asian American Film Festival
  • Ojai Film Festival Hawaii International Film Festival

  • DIRECTOR/WRITER/PRODUCER Film and Television
  • FILMMAKER OF THE YEAR, (N.O.W., the National Organization for Women)
  • FINALIST, Sundance Feature Film Lab (“More Than This” - 2007, “The Shangri-la Café” feature – 2001)
  • THE SHANGRI-LA CAFÉ, Director/Writer/Producer (2000)
    • Winner: Best Short Film- Moondance Film Festival
    • Best Screenplay – Brussels Independent Film Festival
    • 2nd Place Best Short Film, Nashville Independent Film Festival
    • 2nd Place Best Short Film, Woodstock Film Festival
  • INSTANT FILMS, Director (2002-2003) – Independent film project held every two months in which eight short films are written, filmed, edited and shown in 48 hours
  • BEST SCREENPLAY AWARD, GAFFERS Film Festival (“The Shangri-la Café feature – 2005)
  • BEST SCREENPLAY AWARD, Ohio International Independent Film Festival (“The Shangri-la Café” feature – 2004)
  • MEDIA FUND GRANT, NAATA, National Asian American Television Association (“The Shangri-la Café” feature - 2004)
  • IFP Emerging Narrative Filmmaker (“The Shangri-la Café” feature – 2005)
  • FINALIST, Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship (“The Shangri-la Café” feature –2003)
  • FINALIST, Roy W. Dean grant (“The Shangri-la Café” feature – 2002)
  • “SHADOWED” DIRECTOR/PRODUCER/MENTORS: JONATHAN KAPLAN AND LESLI LINKA GLATTER on 10 episodes of ER, 2 episodes of Gilmore Girls, 4 episodes of West Wing; observed concept meetings, location scouts, casting, production meetings, storyboarding, filming and editing (1998-2004)



Lily directing "Model Minority"









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