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Lily Mariye


Being "nice" has certainly gotten a bad rap...

The name "nice girls films" refers not to my being the typical "nice girl," as opposed to being a "bad girl," but rather my whole philosophy of filmmaking-- Being "nice" has nothing to do with being boring, or subservient, or a doormat...Being "nice" is being appreciative and kind to the people who are trying to help you create your vision...Being "nice" doesn't preclude being driven or ambitious or motivated or strong...Being "nice" just means that I work better surrounded by people who are professional, prepared...I believe there are many talented people in our industry, and it's just as easy to pick people who help you create a healthy atmosphere as it is to pick jerks.

I decided to call my production company "nice girls films" after the title of an article about the tennis player, Lindsay Davenport, entitled "Nice Girls Finish First."

And hopefully, we do.

The first production of nice girls films is my short film, "The Shangri-la Cafe." "The Shangri-la Cafe" has been invited to over 20 festivals all over the world, winning the Best Short Film award at the Moondance International Film Festival in Boulder, Colorado; the Best Screenplay Award from the Brussels Independent International Film Festival in Brussels, Belgium; Second Place in the Best Short Film Category at the Nashville Independent Film Festival and helped me win the title "Filmmaker of the Year 2000" from the National Organization for Women (N.O.W.). For more info about the film, go to the "The Shangri-la Cafe" page.

Lily is directing her first feature, "MODEL MINORITY", in Los Angeles. Model Minority was a three time finalist for the Sundance Feature Film Labs and the Nicholl Fellowship for Screenwriting. Check out the website here.



Before and After the "explosion"




With James Brolin and Bud Cort




THE SHANGRI-LA CAFE has been included on a DVD release of AFI shorts entitled "CELEBRATING AFI." You can pick up a copy at Amazon or Buy.com


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